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Ou Stor

Ou Stor


Anna and Nick took a chance on love, and won.

In 2015 they went on their first (and only) date, a wonderful evening at a revolving sushi bar, but they didn’t speak again for years, each focused on beginning and ending other parts of their lives. Fast forward to 2018. One hectic balloon business weekend, Nick sent an errant yet fortuitous message to Anna that sparked two weeks of near-daily texting. One night just before Valentine’s Day, Nick happened to tell Anna he planned to sleep in his car until his next shift. Rather than step away (as any true crime fan would surely have counseled), Anna offered to let this near-stranger (with literally no social media presence) spend the night on her couch. After talking late into the night, Nick drifted off to sleep, already sure he never wanted to leave. Unable to wake him in the morning, Anna left a key and a note on the table and went to work. Somehow, it just felt right. When she came home that night, Nick was there. Rather than calling the police, Nick and Anna began their lives together. Nick never really left, or returned the key....

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